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What Is Virtual Staging

You can do better when decide to list your porperty vacant!


We design and place 3D virtual furnishing into your vacant real estate photos, 

so your space never looks cold, blank, and abandand. 

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Why Virtual Staging

 Powerful Marketing Tool


that significantly enhances your photos' apple online


that showcases great potential of the space to buyers

 Budget-frendly Way


that saves you a lot compared to physical staging and eases your stress in a slower market

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Why Choose Us

Certified Stager

Instead of being digital media company, we are certified stagers who understand home staging. Our design is based on not only a single photo but the entire architectual style.   

Reachable Local Business

We are toronto based team that services only in Canada. We are reachable and responsive. You communicate directly to your stager. 

 All In One Service

We offer photography  and virtual staging combo in the GTA. If budget allows,  we recommend a physical and virtual staging combo to market your property in a best way. 

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Pay Per Photo

You submit ready for staging photos and requirements. We contact you for further information. We make virtual staging photos as you required, and deliver them within 48 hours. Please allow more time if it's volume order (more than 8 photos). 

All In One Combo

The combo includes 25 HDR photos and 5 virtual staging photos. 

First of all, our photographer takes photos of your property. Then we set up a meeting discussing the staging plan. Two days later you get all your vacant HDR and virtually staged photos.

E Consultation

If you have no idea where to start, we can set up a 30 min E consultation, giving you the basic knowledge and help you decide between physical and virtual staging.

Yes, it's free!

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How long is your turn around time?

Normally we deliver in 2 business days. Our designer will contact you as soon as they start processing. Please allow more time for larger jobs (more than 8 photos)

Can you make revision?

Yes. We revise maximum 3 times. However, we can't revise room function and style. Also, you need to request revision within 2 months. We may delete the working profile after 2 months.  

Do you have volume discount?

Sorry, we don't have volume discount. We add great value of service in our alreay competitive price. 

Can I select an interior style?

Yes. You can request a style and send us reference photos. The more information you provide, the better we serve you. If you're not sure what you want, our designer will contact you and give suggestions.  

Can you make a specific piece of furniture?

Sorry, we can't do that. We use pre-modeled 3D furnishing. But we will try our best to fulfill your need.

Do you charge tax?

Yes. We charge 13% HST tax, which is regulated by Ontario government. 


Do you provide invoice?

Yes. You can download the invoice after you pay. 


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